While taste might be the most important of the senses when enjoying your meal, a plate’s appearance can be just as appetizing. Which is why playing with your food can lead to some unexpectedly fabulous results.

After all, with enough effort, a simple breakfast (or lunch!) could easily turn into a work of art.

These creative individuals looked at the plates sitting before them and didn’t see food — they saw possibilities. Here are just a few of the culinary masterpieces spawned from edible craftsmanship:

1. The dad who created a Muppets-inspired lunchbox.

A photo posted by Beau Coffron (@lunchboxdad) on

2. The guy who flipped up a BB-8 pancake.

3. The woman who created a tree out of a salad.

A photo posted by red*hongyi (@redhongyi) on

4. The cook who crafted up a rice ball worthy of Hogwarts.

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

5. The crafty soul who created edible Looney Tunes.

6. The food-enthusiast who created a sandwich penguin sitting atop popcorn snow.

7. The person who realized bacon could be a sleepy-egg blanket.

A photo posted by Ant’s Bento (@antsbento) on

8. The person who made a Minions-inspired breakfast.

9. Whoever thought up this beautiful citrus bicycle.

10. The genius behind the Spongebob burger and Patrick baguette.

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

11. The breakfast lover who created a rabbit out of waffles.

A photo posted by idafrosk (@idafrosk) on

12. The Gremlins fan who put Gizmo on the plate.

13. The cook who made an adorable pastoral scene out of rice.

A photo posted by Yuwita Dewi (@yuwitadewi) on

14. The creator of tiny, sleep toast-people.

A photo posted by Lizz Cuang (@lizzcuang) on

15.The artist who crafted this pasta-haired beauty.

A photo posted by ゆみこ (@yumiko_gg) on

16.The person who made a perfectly scrumptious panda bear.

A photo posted by Pekanbaru (@juliejohanis) on

17. The baker who realized buns can have personality, too!

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