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You’ll Be Shocked By What Creature Took Over This Colorado Lake

I recall when I was a child, you could purchase goldfish in a pet store for about 50 cents each. I had a group of them growing up and I got them through various means. Occasionally I ‘d purchase them, occasionally I”d win them at a carnival, and other times I”d commerce Pokemon cards for them (this really occurred). I”ve had lots of goldfish in my time, but I ‘d never need this many.

Lately, an inflow of goldfish have taken over a little lake in Colorado. It”s causing the residents of Boulder to contemplate what could”ve perhaps brought on this goldfish inundation.

(via 9News)

The befuddled residents of Boulder, Colorado now only need to adopt their lake of goldfish and handle it as when it is a massive fishbowl. Or they are able to take some of them home so every man in the city can have a brand new pet!

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