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You’re Not Going To Believe Who’s Writing The Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequel

It is been disclosed the new screenwriter for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel will be none besides E.L. James‘s husband. If you sleep with someone successful you are going to get the occupation hey, like the first novel guaranteed. (I did not really read the first novel, is that what occurs? Does she get the job? Or she only does the S&M things for pleasure? Looks like a newly calibrated college student would want work to pay back some loans.)

Niall Leonard has composed for some British TV shows and the Crusher book series, but nothing that’s as successful as his wife’s novel’s script.

This move will give a little more control over the narrative to James. She was a producer for Fifty Shades of Grey and frequently battled with the manager, Sam Taylor-Johnson. She apparently needed to compose the script herself, but her husband has more expertise with scripts.

The sequel is Fifty Shades Darker, and not as I ‘d have pitched, Fifty Shade 2: Electric Bugaloo.

These are the folks behind your dirty stories…

These are the people behind your dirty stories...

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